Can I use Firmao for free?
Yes, of course. We provide you free 14-day version of our software - it generates no costs at all! Every new created account gets 14 days full license. After this period you can buy license or change to free STANDARD version.

I noticed that system is working quite slow. How can I make it faster?
Firmao uses web browser which is installed on users computer. It's the browser efficiency that mostly affects Firmao work experience. At this time, fastest web browser is Chrome and Safari - and we strongly recommend to use that.

Which security actions have you taken in order to protect your customers data?
Data in Firmao system are stored in world's most advanced data center - Amazon Web Services (AWS). What's more, AWS has certificate regarding data security ISO 27001. AWS servers are always equipped in doubled hard drives and power supplies. There's daily data backup on additional servers - so you do not need to worry about your data. Information transfer is encrypted (https), so your data is completely safe. Access passwords are encrypted using one-sided cipher, so no one including system administrators can read them.

I have created new task/project/customer/etc and want to change some value of already registered data? How can I do it?
To edit value in field, you have to move your cursor over and click on pencil, which will appear to the right side, or use right mouse button and choose 'Edit' option. Field can be edited from list or details view. To cancel changes simply press ESC button.

Is it possible to have Firmao modified accordingly to my needs?
Yes, we strongly recommend it to fully customise Firmao software. All you have to do is to contact or +44 2034685372 and describe proposed modifications. Our team will make analysis of solutions and will write you back as soon as possible - with individual propositions for your company. Some propositions can be realised using custom additional fields related to objects which are configured in company settings.

I purchased licenses for fixed number of employees (for example 12). What will happen in case of staff turnover?
License for 12 users allows to have 12 active users. In case of staff turnover please remove user that no longer uses Firmao and invite new one.

Can I have more than one account (companies) assigned to my individual login?
Yes, you can. Please log in using this link: After logging in you will see all companies assigned to currently logged user. You will also be able to create now one. To login into specified company account use address{CompanyID} where CompanyID is name of company which you are logging in to.

Can I change user login (email) and company name?
Yes, you can do it. If you want to change your login and company name please contact our tech support at

How to view and restore removed objects?
Deleted objects can be viewed using ‘Filter’ option (on bottom of the panel) where users can choose whether they want to view deleted objects or all of them. To restore object simply click on it and confirm restoration in pop-up window.

How to use filters?
In every panel where data can be filtered, 'Filter' tab is active. To start creating new filter, switch 'Menu' tab to 'Filter' on left side of the screen. You'll see form with data fields related to object characteristics. After pressing 'Filter' button data list will be reloaded according to criteria chosen by you. Filters are also available in column headline menu.

I want to to filter records from last month only, how to do it? I want it to show me objects from last month: for example in February I'd like to see objects from January etc.
In filter settings input related date (for example Task creation date) values accordingly: From '-1M' to '-1M'.

I don't want to see date on my invoice which is unrelated to it. Sometimes I want to print invoice with earlier date. How to solve it?
It can be done by printing invoice from PDF file or turning off automatic data printing browser option.

Can I print my company’s logotype on invoices?
Yes, you can. To print company logo go to ‘Company menu’ and use option 'Add or change a company logo'. Next step is skipping to settings and choosing option 'Company logo on invoices, bids and stock documents'

I sell product for £5 gross, but when I input net price £4.07 and amount of products 100 I get price £500.61 instead of equal £500?
In case of using gross prices while selling use gross unit prices at the beginning.

Calendar is missing view which would present all activities. Now I can choose 'All planned work times' etc, but instead of separate views I want to see all data in calendar, so I won't plan for example task during leave.
All views accessible in menu can be configured. They are in fact saved filters. To create new filter go to filter setting, set chosen parameters (in case of calendar filtering pick all activities and all users) then use 'save' button on top of Filter Panel. You can save filter as new one or overwrite existing one. Detailed description in 'Filters' section.

I'm adding tasks with specified time of beginning and finish but I don't see them in calendar.
Calendar displays only those activities, which are set in actually used filter. If 'Planned tasks' are not chosen, then they won't be viewed. Please choose tasks which you want to see in the calendar using ‘Planned tasks’ option.

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